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For more than 40 years, glycolic acid has been predominately produced by either the carbonylation of formaldehyde or with glycolonitrile as a starting material. Both processes leave residual traces of formaldehyde in the finished commercial product.
Consistent with today's cleaner chemistry tenets, CrossChem's GlyAcid® is produced using a proprietary acid saponification and purification process that does not use formaldehyde while delivering a high purity glycolic acid in 70% solution and 99% crystalline.

GlyAcid® Products

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Glycolic Acid is a widely used and effective ingredient in personal care formulations. The small molecule penetrates deep into the stratum corneum causing upper skin layer exfoliation. The small molecule can also contribute to skin irritation in some with slightly higher skin pH.
GlySmart® remedies increased sensitivity by complexing glycolic acid with arginine in a di-pole formulation that controls the release of glycolic acid. Slowing the release of glycolic acid reduces irritation while delivering similar exfoliation results.

GlySmart® Products

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GlyBond® is a new product expected to launch in 2024. It is an innovative, patent pending polymatrix keratin bonding technology for haircare applications. GlyBond® improves hair quality by cross-linking axes across keratin cortex structures

GlyBond® Products

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CrossChem produces a series of HiPure™ chemistries engineered for wide range of customers and applications. From aerospace and pharmaceutical to metal plating and consumer products, the HiPure™ product line provides unique properties meeting specific customer needs.
CrossChem synthesizes or purifies phenol, acetic anhydride, acetyl chloride, ethylene oxide, hydrogen cyanide and cyanuric acid based compounds. These chemistries represent challenging materials with limited made to order availability.

HiPure™ Products

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